Office trailers, by definition, serve the purpose of facilitating spaces for office meetings, client calls and busy days typing letters. Having a designated place to work provides both security and privacy for your business needs. However, an office is not the only possible purpose for such a trailer. Consider the following off-the-wall ways you can utilize an office trailer that goes beyond the standard business world.

Get Physical

Most people desire a place to exercise where they have plenty of space. Perhaps you want to set up a yoga studio for you to stretch your body and mind. Maybe you want somewhere to set up your exercise equipment, such as weight sets, a treadmill or elliptical. Office trailers are ideal as they provide an enclosed space that can be sealed for privacy. You can also host workout classes, such as Pilates, pregnancy yoga, aerobics, or dance in these units as a way to provide a physical location for clients that is secure and professional. Clients will appreciate the privacy offered by a trailer unit, as they can exercise in peace and quiet.

Playing House

Children these days have tree houses, club houses and miniature room setups that rival the style and design of real homes. If you are short on creativity or living in a treeless space, opt for an office trailer as a play house for your children or grandchildren. Businesses that offer programming for children and teens, such as churches, day care centers and libraries, could utilize such a unit as a way to provide enclosed and entertaining play space for kids. A trailer is a way to extend the space in which you have to allow children to be imaginative. Additionally you can control the amount of noise they create by simply closing a door. Consider decorating the trailer for various programs, such as a puppet show theater, mock home, or teens’ reading center.

Hair Salon

If you are interested in setting up an independent hair salon, note that office trailers provide an ideal setup for such a venture. You have electrical outlets that allow you to operate lights, blow driers, curling irons and electrical razors. Additionally, both the size and shape of a trailer are perfect for the arrangement of beauty salon chairs. More importantly, you have the control over the building space when it comes to locking up your hair salon equipment in a trailer, whereas a commercial building or mall space comes with a greater security risk.