In the new millennium, changing economics have caused the traditional model of a 9-to-5 job to become more fluid. Whether the motivation is limited corporate opportunities or a yearning to be independent, people are turning to entrepreneurship like never before.

Surveys have shown that, regardless of size, more than two-thirds of start-up companies are run from home. In addition, more than 50 percent of those companies remain home-based even after they become established.

Whether you're contemplating the leap or you're already there, rental office trailers can be a valuable solution to many of your needs. Here are some advantages of setting up shop in a rental office trailer.

Dedicated space

It's mentally and emotionally healthier to maintain some separation between business and personal. Rental office trailers can be set up close by, but they still provide the freedom to focus on work and then close the door when it's time for some R&R.


The cost of renting even bare-bones office space in a building or strip center can be prohibitive for a start-up. With a rental office trailer, you also minimize associated expenses like deposits and moving costs.


Imagine the benefits of working just steps from your back door. All the time you would normally spend commuting can be put to more productive use. When you need to meet with a partner, vendor or employee, you have a ready-made private space free from interruptions.


Rental office trailers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including ones with half-baths, to suit your particular needs. If you decide to move your operation to a different site, the trailer moves right along with you.

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