It is no wonder why our ground level storage trailers have become such a huge hit for businesses in the tri-state area. These are incredibly versatile and strong units that can be utilized to store just about anything. Our storage trailers are constructed of heavy-duty reinforced corrugated steel and are designed to be waterproof and virtually fire and vandal resistant. Our engineers design these units to be ready to meet the needs of most businesses from the day they are delivered.

However, while they might come ready to go, we understand that every organization has their unique needs and wants out of a storage trailer. Consider the following modifications that you can request to make the storage trailer a bit more reflective of your business and its needs:

  • Exterior branding :: Why waste an opportunity to promote your brand to passerbys? The metal exterior material is ideal for the use of magnetic signs that can be easily be attached and moved and can proudly display your logo, phone numbers, hours of operation, and other key business information. You may also consider painting the trailer with colors more reflective of your brand. 
  • Interior storage and workspace upgrades :: Most people think of storage trailers as one big box you throw stuff into. While this is generally true as that is how most units come standard, you definitely can contact us for more customized internal options. For example, one of our biggest requests is for interior shelving and lighting to be installed. This transforms a unit into less of one big box but a more workable warehouse room. We can even take it a step further and install built-in work surfaces that feature amenities like laminated counter tops, wall filing systems, white boards, and more. 
  • Stack it or roof it :: Our ground storage trailers are designed to be easily transported to a facility and even stacked atop other units where needed. However, with special reinforcing, we can also enable you to take advantage of the roof of these storage containers and transition it into a structurally sound and OSHA-compliant deck. Having the top of the unit be usable is ideal for uses like surveying work sites and secure outside storage.

For more information about our storage trailers and the modifications we can do to help make your trailer fit your specific business needs and wants, contact us today at Cassone, a leading storage company.