Storage container 1

As your business changes, you may find several reasons to get additional storage space. Before taking your items to a storage facility, think about what an office storage container can offer you. At Cassone Trailers in NYC, we understand that your business is ever-changing, and a temporary office storage container could benefit you when you're remodeling or just need a place to store items for the short or long term.

Custom Fit

Office storage containers can be made to fit your needs. Shelves can be added or a window if you want to convert it to an actual office space. Most importantly, they can be sized to fit. Whether you need a smaller unit or you need multiple units, customization is relatively easy, and your needs can be met without much problem.

Extra Security

Storage containers are designed to limit the ability of people to get into them. The doors are difficult to open and can be padlocked. Steel is hard to break through. These containers are used all over the world on trucks, trains, and ships. They are meant to be difficult to break into because they face many different cultures and threats. Since the storage container is on your property, you can take care of all the security precautions and make sure that you have it well-protected beyond the standard means, if you so choose.

Extra Durability

Weather, rodents, and fire are other threats that a storage container is built to withstand. Rain, hail, and snow stays outside. Rodents can't get in, and the containers themselves are fire resistant. There's a reason why Superman is called the man of steel. These containers are made from the same material given in the nickname of arguably the most powerful superhero in comics.


Storage container 2

Extra Convenience

Having your storage unit on site makes it easy to get anything you need out of the container. No one has to drive to a place off-site to get what you need. More convenience means that you save time and the cost of travel. If you're sending your employees, they don't get distracted by lunch or the temptation to run errands while they are visiting the storage unit. When you're done with it, you call to have it removed from your property. There's no muss and no fuss. It's there one day and gone the next without you having to do more than make a phone call.

On Your Property

When you rent office storage containers in NYC, you can have them on your property. That means you'll be paying less than many storage units while still getting the greater convenience mentioned above! There's no rent to pay, and no reason to worry about what's going on at the storage facility.