When summer arrives, it can really heat up quickly inside an office trailer. That can create uncomfortable conditions for the workers who use the trailer. Of course, your trailer is most likely air conditioned, but often, even that’s not enough. While you can’t control the weather, there are simple steps you can take to keep the trailer more comfortable. Services offering mobile office trailer rental in NYC can offer some valuable advice on keeping it cool during summer. Here are a few tips you can use.  

Keep the Door Shut

Workers will be going in and out all day, but you should limit the amount of time that the door stays open. Don’t stand in an open doorway chatting with others. In a construction zone, there may be a temptation to give directions to workers passing by from the doorway. But if you’re doing that, cool air is escaping fast.

Pull Shades on Windows

When the sun is coming through windows, pull shades to block the light. Sunlight through a window creates a greenhouse effect that heats up the inside of the trailer. Whether you’re considering either new office trailers for sale in NYC or used construction office trailers for sale in NYC, make sure your trailer comes with shades for the windows, or you could buy some later. Either way, you’ll be happy to have shades when the temperature rises.

Find Some Shade

Shading your trailer from direct sunlight will do wonders in keeping it cooler. If you’re in an area with tall buildings, locating your trailer in the shadow of a building is a good idea. Positioning your trailer under tall trees is good, too. If you can do so, shading your trailer from the hot afternoon sun is best.


Keep Air Moving

Air gets stagnant when it’s still. Occupants of the trailer will feel cooler when the air is moving, so keep it circulating with fans. When you order portable office trailers for rent in NYC, you should also order some fans at the same time.

Replace the Air Conditioning Filter

If you get the feeling that your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it should, it may be because of the filter. Air conditioners work less efficiently and have a harder time cooling when filters get dirty. Filters can get dirty in just a few months in normal conditions. But if there’s a lot of dust from a construction site, the filter may need replacement even more often.

Turn off Unneeded Electronics and Appliances

You could be generating heat internally with computers, televisions, refrigerators, and other electrically powered units. If you don’t need them, you can reduce their heat output by turning them off. By doing so, you’ll save on your electric bill and reduce heat.

Keep Your Cool inside Office Trailers

Maintaining a comfortable work environment is important because it directly affects the productivity of employees. If you’re looking for office trailers for rent in NYC, talk with the rental staff about strategies for keeping a comfortable temperature inside the trailer during the hot days of summer. Simple steps can make for a more pleasant work day.