ground level storage containers

Most worksites have a lot of equipment, materials, and supplies that have to be stored for the duration of the project. In some cases, there is also a need for an office for administrative work. One type of solution meets all those needs: portable office and storage units. Here are five reasons why your project site needs ground level storage containers in NYC.


The potential uses for storage containers are almost limitless. If it can fit, it can be stored inside it. Used in tandem with multiple storage containers, an entire project site can be organized by what containers contain what equipment, materials and supplies. Some containers can even be set up as a workshop, giving workers the ability to complete project work even in inclement weather. Storage units also come in multiple sizes, which gives you control over the storage space you need as well as their usage allocation.


A ground storage container can be secured by a padlock and are constructed from high-quality steel, meaning you can rest assured their contents are safe from theft. The construction of the units also provides protection for workers during bad weather as well as offering a weather-proof way to store items over colder months.

Storage container


The cost of building a more permanent storage unit can run high. It also has limited use after a project is completed. Ground storage containers are cost-effective whether you're renting or buying, new or used. Most storage units have generous rent or lease options, and if your storage needs exceed the contracted term, you can purchase them outright. Reputable companies with storage containers for sale also will have all their fees stated clearly in the contract as well as any penalties or charges that are extra to the initial terms.


As mentioned, most units can be converted into storage container buildings, making them multi-purpose on any job site. Whether you use them to store stuff, an administrative control center, staff meeting place, workshop, or just as a place employees can get out of the weather, most storage units can be converted into whatever office-type space you need them to be.


A fact of life on most job sites, particularly outdoor construction, is the weather. Each season has its own challenges. Depending on where you're located, each weather extreme brings its own discomfort and risk to equipment, materials, supplies and even personnel. A storage unit offers protection from the elements for all the above.

Ground level storage containers in NYC are an enhancement to every project, construction, or work site. They protect your employees and the stuff they need to do the job year-round.