With the world awash in shipping containers, they've become some of the best ways to build temporary work spaces in the construction industry. Durable, and incredibly strong, they act perfectly as compact, portable buildings. And their flexibility affords them the opportunity to act in any number of roles at a worksite. If you're considering using shipping containers as office trailers in NYC, here are a few ways they could work for you.

Portable Offices

You don't know what problems you may encounter at a construction site, so the last thing you want to do is to try and administer from off-site. Shipping containers have the advantage of being sturdy enough to handle any accident that typically occurs on a construction site. And, their mobility and ability to be taken apart and reassembled at a moment's notice makes them extremely versatile and able to withstand whatever challenges are thrown their way.


This is not to be taken lightly. While portable chemical toilets have their uses, portable toilets built from shipping containers add a measure of strength and dependability that mark a dramatic step up compared to the traditional port-a-john. Far stronger than regular portable toilets, shipping containers are large enough to be split into men's and women's restrooms, and can be outfitted with electricity, exhaust fans, hot water systems, urinals and toilet cubicles where necessary.

Lunch Rooms

Like anyone else, construction workers need a place to unwind - ideally, one that provides shelter. With the size and durability shipping containers provide, tables and chairs can be set up where workers can relax at lunch, or before and after work. While the construction worker can still rely on a lunch pail and thermos if they like, having a container outfitted with electricity allows for the presence of a refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee machine, greatly expanding the options for on-the-job lunch fare.

Container house

First Aid Units

Construction work is still one of the civilized world's most dangerous industries. It is imperative, therefore, that everyone have quick and easy access to emergency medical care. Since most injuries are relatively minor, having a controlled, highly secure environment like a shipping container is one of the best ways to ensure that an injured employee has the space and equipment required for treatment.


This seems almost too obvious, but yes, shipping containers are perfectly designed for storing material. Secure and durable, there are several accessories available that only add to their secure nature. Padlocks can be added at every point of entry to a shipping container, and they can be modified to safely store hazardous chemicals.

Building Materials

If you've been watching TV shows highlighting compact, eco-friendly home design, you know that shipping containers are all the rage. They can be joined or stacked one atop another, and outfitted with windows, doors, and all the accoutrements we've come to expect from modern living.

Whether you're looking for office trailers for rent in NYC, or your own small home solution, shipping containers are one of your safest and most versatile options.