More and more, today’s modular buildings in NYC are becoming the go-to, and welcome, choice for schools in desperate need for space. In fact, permanent modular buildings are a trend in academia as well as other venues where space is at a premium but building vertically isn't possible or preferable. If you're considering utilizing a modular building, but are still on the fence, consider these reasons why it's a good idea.

They are Modular in Name Only

Modular buildings of the recent past were temporary and often relatively fragile. Several could be attached together, and they were mobile, which meant one modular building might end up staying in multiple locations over its period of use. They were used when organizations such as schools were cramped for space, or in an emergency. They weren’t a permanent solution.

Modular buildings today are much like traditional buildings, but the construction process is quicker, greener, and less expensive. They are built in a factory setting and transported to their destination where they are put on a foundation or connected to a larger structure. Once put in place, they remain there for the duration of their use.

They are Customizable

Many people think modular buildings are prefabricated with no leeway for customization. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s custom modular buildings can be fabricated to your standards and needs. They have been used in hybrid configurations nationwide for dormitories, administrative buildings, meeting rooms, classrooms, and even fully functional offices. Even a used modular building for sale in NYC can be modified in some circumstances.

Some of the many options include:

  •  Fully customizable office configurations (rooms, module attachments, walls, doors, windows, etc.)

  •  Variable construction materials including wood, steel, and concrete

  •  Multiple story options

  •  Multiple roofing options including gabbles, dormers, and materials

  •  Configurable lengths and widths

Modular buildings also can be set up to tailor to different classroom needs and types. Classes can be outfitted to cater to science and computer labs, special needs requirements, art studios, even generic lecture rooms. Because the space is designable, classrooms can also be set up according to size, allowing for the learning atmosphere a school is striving to achieve.


Faster Timeline

Construction on today’s modular office building is up to 50 percent faster than traditional site-built construction. Most traditional construction projects go through a linear process and a modular building condenses that schedule significantly. As soon as a model or custom model is chosen or designed, the construction process begins as the site is being prepared. No days are lost on the construction end because they are in an environmentally controlled factory setting.

Because even customized modular buildings are prefabricated, components like electricity and plumbing are already mostly complete when the building is being put together. After construction, the building is transported to the site and then erected or positioned as a final product. This is not only faster, but it also allows for the modular buildings to be set up with little disruption to the rest of the property. That means school operations can continue uninterrupted while new classroom and office space are added.

Modular buildings are a cost-saving way of addressing a spacing shortfall while getting a final product quicker and built to your specifications. For more information on modular buildings, check out Cassone Leasing Inc.