Storage Container Cassone Long Island, NY

No matter what type of business you have, a steel container can help you get a grip on your storage problems. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of storage containers from Cassone.


The first and most obvious benefit of a steel container is extra storage space. Business is booming, and your company is growing, but your current storage space can’t handle your new expansion needs. In some cases, your property manager might prohibit you from storing certain items like chemicals, gas-powered equipment, or building materials inside their building. If this is your scenario, an outdoor storage container is a perfect solution to your storage problem.


Building materials, tools, and equipment are investments in your business. If your business accumulates a lot of important paperwork or client information, not securing these assets can be a security risk for both you and your customers. Protect your investments and important records with a steel storage container. A standard double-door container uses a lever locking mechanism to secure the contents inside. Secure your container with a custom locking device like a heavy-duty padlock, combination lock, or a cargo door brace lock. There are several different options for locking your containers. Once secured, you will have peace of mind against theft.


In addition to protecting your assets from theft, a steel storage container will also your tools and records from the elements. Steel is naturally impervious to water. Heavy steel containers can resist hurricane-force winds as well as damage from flying debris. Unlike a car, tornadoes can’t lift a steel container because of their sheer size and weight. If extreme heat or cold is a concern in your area, your storage container can be fitted with a custom climate control system that will protect important paperwork and equipment from high humidity or freezing temperatures.

Storage Containers Cassone Long Island, NY


A steel storage container can also make your job easier. By storing your important records or equipment onsite in a storage container, you’ll save yourself the trouble of trekking across town to a public storage facility. If you’re moving your business to a new location, storage containers are easy to transport. Instead of renting a moving truck, simply arrange a transport to pick up the container and move it to your new office. When it comes to construction, storage containers make it easier to move equipment, tools, and building materials from one job site to another.

These are just a few benefits to renting or owning a ground-level storage container in Long Island, NY. To learn more or to invest in a storage unit for your business, contact the storage experts at Cassone (800) 947-1334. Or Request a Quote.