Construction site

Modular buildings are basically constructed from prefabricated parts and brought to the place where you need the structure. They have been used for everything from office buildings and restaurants to hotels and ships. At Cassone Trailers in NYC, we know that modular buildings now face few limitations. Of course, there are some ways to use a modular construction that makes a great amount of sense for most businesses.

Check the Cost

Modular buildings can cost between 30 and 50 percent less than a traditional building. Using modular construction to save money while providing your business with the space it needs to grow is a great way to make sure your bottom line is impacted less by construction costs. In a tough economy, modular buildings usually make more sense than traditional construction. With gains in efficiency, insulation, and size, the cost to heat and light a modular structure is often less than the cost to do the same for a traditionally constructed building. The money saved on construction costs can be used to further increase energy efficiency.

Check the Time

If you are short on time, a modular building is quicker to build and easier to install. When you use modular parts constructed offsite, you have more flexibility with the way the building looks and functions. Because they are brought in and put together on site, you don't have to worry about weather being a major problem during the construction process. And since the site can be prepped with the installation of the foundation and utility lines while the building parts are being constructed, cost overrunsĀ and delays are practically unheard of in the modular building business.

New York City

Temporary or Permanent

Some modular buildings may be conceived as temporary. However, there are many buildings that prove they can be permanent. Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort was built using modular technology in the 1970s. The Queen Mary II uses modular technology. Many McDonald's franchisees have benefitedĀ from modular buildings to create the similar restaurants across the nation. You can still get temporary buildings with modular design. That choice hasn't gone away, which makes modular buildings the best choice for every building need.

No Limits

At Cassone Trailers, we know that modular construction now faces no limits. From entertainment giants to school campuses, skyscrapers, and one-story restaurants, your modular building can become anything you want it to be. Once it's finished, your guests won't even realize how it's been built. Whether you want something inexpensive that you can use during a season or year, or you want something more elaborate that will stand the test of time, modular buildings for sale in NYC make a great choice for any type of need you have.