There is limited space in Long Island buildings, and you may find a challenge in expanding your company, but there are a lot of solutions available. For example, portable modular buildings are a great way to make more room for your business. They offer a ton of extra space for both storage and employees.

Many different types of businesses can benefit from having portable office trailers. Not only do they give you the space that you need, but they also help you avoid costly office moving fees as well as overcrowding in your office building. If you aren’t sure whether or not your business will benefit if you buy a modular building in Long Island, NY, check out these three businesses that are reaping the rewards of extra space already.

Contractors and Construction

Contractors and construction companies have been using mobile office trailers for a long time, and they work well on different work sites. They allow foremen to take care of paperwork and business-related aspects of construction jobs while they are close enough to handle any on-site issues that arise. Additionally, these trailers are spacious enough to give foremen the opportunities to hold meetings and take care of all of their business without having to travel off-site.



Another business that benefits from portable office trailers is the school system. Modular units offer space for classrooms and additional teaching offices for teachers to hold office hours, take breaks, and get their grading done properly. These units allow students to learn without distraction and they help teachers take ownership of their own spaces. Not only that, these units are climate-controlled to ensure that the elements don’t affect teaching and learning.


Finally, hospitals benefit greatly from portable office trailers. Many don't know that hospitals require a lot of administrative work that requires office space. Portable office trailers are a great solution for them. These offices allow all of the administrative work to be completed properly. Hospital administrative staff members can have their own space, organization styles, and workstations to ensure that the work is done efficiently and in a timely manner.

Renting or buying modular units and portable office trailers are both great ways to ensure that your employees have the space and comfort that they need to get the job done properly. So many different types of businesses benefit from having these office trailers, including construction or contracting businesses, schools, and hospitals. However, even retail businesses and other office-based businesses can get a lot out of portable office trailers. If you think your business can benefit from a portable modular building in Long Island, NY, contact Cassone Leasing Inc. They provide many businesses with the flexibility, convenience, and low-costs of portable office trailers.