modular building

Modular buildings have revolutionized home and office construction all across the country. Having a building built from prefabricated elements in advance off-site can offer tremendous savings without compromising quality or even style. Your modular building can be built quickly and ready for delivery without having to worry about weather conditions or construction crews. However, the prices for custom modular buildings in NYC can vary. Here are a few factors worth considering.

The Materials

Modular buildings can be constructed from all sorts of materials. Oftentimes, the materials a manufacturer will use are determined by what's in stock, and the supply and demand status on the international market. Some materials are relatively inexpensive, but you may find a loss in quality, so it's best to do some research before going with the cheapest model.

Site Condition

Just like with regular building sites, modular building prices in NYC are affected by the quality of their destination site. Rocky and sloping sites will probably cost more than places that are flat and clear of debris. The less work that's required to prepare a site, the less expensive your modular building is likely to be.

Used or New

The difference in price between a used modular building and a new one can be dramatic. The estimated cost of a 1,200-2,000 square foot modular building is between $40,000 and $75,000 used and $100,000 and $200,000 new. However, if a used building is in poor shape, it may require a lot of work to bring it up to code, and that can increase the price considerably.



Like with cars, most modular building manufacturers have a set price for their basic model that's very affordable, and then you can add desirable features that increase the price. You might prefer changes in how your building looks, the plumbing, added rooms, or a skylight. Modular buildings can be constructed in all sorts of ways. The final price all depends on what you require.


Constructed in a facility off-site, all modular buildings must be delivered. A principal factor in the price of delivery is the distance. Most sellers have a fixed rate over a prescribed radius, with the price of delivery increasing if you go beyond that. Also, the accessibility of the site will have an effect as well.


Beyond preparing the site, there are costs associated with hooking your modular building up to city services. Pretty much everything is more expensive in New York, so you'll want to be aware of the costs of plugging into the city's utilities, and how it will impact your budget before purchasing.

As with the look and features of the buildings themselves, there are a lot of variables when determining the cost of your modular building, so make sure you do your research.