As the days get longer, the weather warms up, and the flowers bloom with the arrival of spring, many people bring out the dusters, vacuums, and cleaners to spring-clean their homes. Modular buildings in Long Island, NY, are no different than any other type of building, and that means a spring maintenance regimen is critical. Read on for the basic maintenance steps every custom modular building needs.

Check for Damage

Cycles of freezing and melting snow and ice take a toll on a building from the first freeze on. The damage can range from cracked and ripped external paneling to roofing damage to the lower part of a modular building pushed in from plowed snow. Do an inspection as soon as you know snow season is over and document any damage before fixing it.

You also should inspect any modular building for sale in Long Island, NY, that you are looking at to make sure it doesn't have any weather damage. Damage has a way of expanding and spreading if left unattended, especially in modular building systems.

Cooling and Heating

Inspect and clean any air conditioner and heating systems. Check the air filters and replace them, clean out evaporator coils, clear debris from around any external units, and flush any drainage systems with an antibacterial/antifungal formula. If you haven't used the HVAC system, test it and pay attention to any smells or movement within your ducts. Critters and pests often can take up residence in them and cause havoc.


Check for Leaks

Water damage can spread with each storm and for days after if it pools. Check ceiling tiles and underneath your modular building for signs of leaks. Also, inspect the roof without walking on it if possible. If it's not possible, hire a professional roofing company to complete an inspection. Look for damage to the roof from storms, ice, and snow. Pay special attention to joints and seams.


Spring-cleaning isn't just for the home; it also must be done in a modular building, even if you've hired a cleaning service to do regular cleaning. You should perform a deep cleaning, focusing on anywhere dust and dirt can accumulate, including window sills, under heating units, around doors, and in high-traffic areas. You also should have any rugs shampooed and any other type of flooring cleaned with industrial floor cleaner. Finally, make sure any surfaces are cleaned with a disinfecting cleaner to get rid of any lurking bacteria or germs.


One area that can suffer in modular homes is entranceways and the pathways that lead up to them. Make sure any pathways are level and any obstacles removed. Also, make sure any steps leading into the unit are in good working order.

Cleaning your modular building and maintaining it isn't different than the routine you would follow with any other building. Staying on top of it, starting in spring, is a great way to make sure your building provides you with service for years to come. If you need to buy a modular building in Long Island, NY, contact Cassone Leasing Inc.