Office Trailer

Renting an office trailer sounds like a simple proposition. They're basically square boxes, so how complicated can it be? The reality is modular buildings are used to serve a nearly endless array of businesses, so there are a lot of different things to consider. Their popularity is such that companies that specialize in construction office trailer for rent in NYC now provide dozens of different options that go with trailer rentals. Here are a few things that are worth keeping in mind when looking for a provider.

What Is Your Space Like?

Take a look at where you plan on keeping your trailer, and what your needs are. Will it be placed on uneven ground? A good rental company will want to know the lay of the land before they arrive, so they'll have any equipment they require ready to go. Where is your power coming from? Will you require a generator? If you plan on hooking into the local power grid, you'll need to contact your utility company.

Size and Duration of Use

How many workers do you plan on occupying the trailer? If you plan on using it for a single employee to manage a phone and a few files, you may not need much. If, however, you intend to use your trailer as an employee lounge for a large work crew, you'll need to make sure you have adequate accommodations. Also, the length of time you plan on using your trailer will make a difference as well. A short job will probably require a trailer that can be set up and torn down quickly with few bells and whistles. If you need it for a longer project, you'll want to look for more creature comforts. Make sure the provider you choose has all the right options.


Construction trailers can be used for all sorts of things. There are tremendous benefits to housing your clerical staff on site, so this is a common use for a temporary trailer. A trailer allows you to process paperwork and hold meetings in a quiet controlled environment. Many trailers come with file cabinets and desks already provided, so it's worth asking potential providers about what amenities you require. Trailers are also useful as sales offices. If you wish to conduct business next to a work site, it's tremendously advantageous to have a room where you can meet with prospective clients. In situations like these, you might want a trailer that's climate controlled or even comes with a restroom. If this is the case, you'll want to take into consideration the location of your property's sewer line.

Knowing in advance exactly what the requirements are for your construction office trailer rental in NYC will assist you in asking the right questions to find the right provider. For any questions about the rental process, call Cassone Trailers today!