When the job begins, delays are unacceptable. Deadlines and budget requirements mean the work must start as scheduled. A construction office that is up and running without interruption from the day the project begins through to completion is essential.

Selecting a Construction Office Rental

A fully functional office on the job site helps maintain project efficiency and organization. Site conditions, office size, and configuration impact the rental costs, but selecting a construction office trailer rental should take into account several other factors.

Can it Be On-Site From Day One

A disorganized job site with no discernible point of management control is a recipe for disaster. The office provides the central communications hub where plans are coordinated, workflow is scheduled, and deadlines are established.

When selecting a construction office trailer rental, ensure that the supplier has the experience and inventory to meet even the tightest project deadlines and can provide the right trailer on-site when it is needed.

Suited to Conditions

Project timelines often extend through multiple seasons and over varying terrain. Make sure the supplier can provide a trailer that is suited to the site conditions, rugged, suitably insulated and equipped with the necessary HVAC components to handle all weather conditions.

Flexible Workspace

Every job site is different. Depending on the project type and scope, the construction office trailer may serve as one, or all, of the following:

  • Job superintendent’s office
  • Space for design and plan review
  • Conference location for contractors and job owners
  • Tool storage
  • Worker breakroom
  • A safe-haven from inclement weather.

Flexible interior workspace, designed to meet every project need is key to ensuring the office trailer is a good fit for the job.

On-site and Properly Designed

In every project, the unforeseen can happen, causing delays. The lack of functional office space should never be a reason for concern.

As one of the largest suppliers of modular offices and trailers in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region, Cassone's team of professionals ensures that all construction office trailer rentals provide the necessary workspace flexibility for the project and a safe and secure environment for workers