Balancing the cost of business expansion to remain competitive, while maintaining profitability, can be a challenge. As the need for business space increases, so do overhead expenses. A container office provides businesses a practical solution to the need for more space while controlling costs.

Custom Design

The global proliferation of shipping storage containers has resulted in innovative adaptations for their use. At Cassone, we build custom designed container offices to suit the specific needs of businesses.

Advantages of Container Offices

These custom offices offer several distinct advantages over fixed site construction and traditional building space leasing. Complete with HVAC, interior walls, phone and data lines, the custom office is ready to become operational the day we install it. We can even provide desks, worktables, and file cabinets as part of the design.

Low Cost and a High Return

Receiving the highest return for every dollar spent is a key to business success. The comparatively small cost of a container office means a higher return on the investment in business start-up or expansion.


With a wide variety of floor plans and designs, a container office provides the optimal workspace while eliminating wasted square footage. Container offices are available in a variety of sizes, from ten feet in length up to forty feet, with multiple possible configurations. They can even be stacked to create a multi-story building.

Strength and Durability

Structural strength and high durability mean less worry about weathering and damage. Reinforced steel construction stands up to hard use while protecting the interior space and contents.


Use it as a primary business office or a temporary work area. Install it at offsite projects or use it to handle seasonal increases in business. Flexibility is an important feature of a container office.


When business demands or operations require a change of location, the office can be moved. Transportability makes your office space available where and when it is needed. There is no need to pay for and maintain empty space for future use or to find and pay for new space.

Remaining competitive while controlling costs is the key to long-term business success. Increasingly, businesses are turning to container offices as a solution to reducing operational overhead while maintaining profitability.