School budgets just aren't what they used to be. Yet, despite tighter and stricter budgets (especially for public schools), many districts are seeing rises in school enrollments. One issue this causes is a frequent lack of sufficient classroom space for students. One excellent short and long-term solution for this is the use of modular trailers as classrooms. 

What You Can Expect In Modular Trailers as Classrooms

Modular trailers begin as portable buildings that adhere to the latest building codes and local and state certifications. Once ordered as a portable classroom, they can be outfitted to meet the unique requirements of any school faculty and student body. If you wish to start from the ground up, our team at Cassone will work with you from the start of the design phase and onto manufacturing, delivery, and final installation.

Our special modular building system offers you the ability to get the exact classroom specifications you need. Whether you need a unit just a couple hundred square feet in size or thousands of square feet, our team can work with you to create the perfect floor plan and turn into reality.

But best of all is the time and money savings inherent in this process. From design to installation, the building and outfitting of a custom modular classroom takes far less time and costs far less money than a conventionally built classroom.

From Consultation to Delivery of Custom, Modular Classrooms

As one of the Northeast's largest supplier of temporary classrooms and modular buildings, we routinely work with educational facilities throughout the region. Whether you represent a small independent charter school or a large county district, our team can assist you throughout the design, built, and delivery process. This includes assisting with obtaining permits from state and local building departments. Our team can also show you a wide selection of already built modular trailers that can be easily transitioned into temporary classrooms and available for lease.

Ready to Go Modular?

If  you interested in learning more about how to get started with customizing a purchasing a modular classroom or for further information about our leasing possibilities, consider filling out our Request a Quote form or contact us directly at 1-800-947-1334. Once we have an idea of your modular classroom needs, we can get started in helping you find the right design and right price to meet the needs of your budget and student body.