Construction trailer

Construction trailers provide a little bit of something for everyone on the job. For supervisors and project managers, they provide a temporary office to organize the needed work, while for workers they provide refuge from the weather and a place to coordinate that work. They serve as document repositories, conference rooms, mobile first aid units, command central and much more.

They are so important that some companies anchor them into the ground, but is that really necessary? If you are looking at construction office trailers for rent in NYC, the following are some guidelines to help determine if you need anchors for your trailers.

Severe Weather

If the job site in an area of the country known for severe weather, most specifically, hurricanes, tornadoes or blizzards, anchors for your trailers is not a bad idea. In fact, in many areas that get a lot of bad weather, used construction office trailers for sale come with anchors and in some places, they are insurance requirements.

Bad weather

High Winds

Some areas of the country have high winds, regardless of the weather. Mobile trailers are by nature susceptible to any high wind, be it a gust, part of a storm or just a windy location. Those two variables, make trailers susceptible to damage and becoming dislodged, even without a special weather event. Most construction office trailers for sale start to experience degradation with sustained winds at around 50 MPH while at 74 MPH they run a real risk of being knocked off their foundations. Beyond 74 MPH (a Cat 1 hurricane,) the risk rises exponentially with every gust or high rate of sustained wind.

The reason for this is aerodynamics. Mobile homes and construction office trailers offer large flat surfaces the wind can slam into and gain purchase on, like a house, but they are relatively light in comparison. Because of that, the sides serve as a sort of sail, catch the wind and bear the brunt of its force.

What qualifies as a high wind area? Some are easy to figure out. If you live in Florida or the Midwest, you know you will experience sustained winds and occasionally gusty winds that exceed the safety rating for un-tethered trailers.


Geography plays a large role in the stability of a mobile trailer. If the construction office trailer rental you are considering will end up on a hill of more than a few degrees, you will want to consider tethering it. Trailers have a very precise center of gravity and if that is altered too much, they can become unstable.

Wind also combines with geography to make trailers unstable. Placing a construction trailer or mobile home on a ridge without tethering it is asking for trouble. A trailer standing alone without any other structures to absorb the force of wind is also courting disaster if the trailer is not tied down.

Building Size

Because of that “sail effect,” the larger the trailer, the larger the face that is presented to stop the wind. That means the larger the trailer, the greater the opportunity for the wind to topple it. The larger the construction trailer, the more anchors are required to secure it.

Whether you are looking at new or used construction office trailers for sale in NYC, you must factor in environmental threats to the stability of your unit. In many cases, that means multiple anchors. Check out Cassone Leasing, Inc. for more information on anchors and options you have to secure your trailer.