Storage Container Long Island, NY

Finding the right storage unit is very crucial when you run a business in one of the busiest cities in the nation. Since most New York businesses are based in busy, dense buildings, many of them don’t have enough room to store all of their items. Since many of your items, such as paper records or electronics, can wear down from the shifting temperatures New York experiences every season, it may be wise to look into humidity-controlled storage containers in Long Island, NY. As you explore the possibilities, you should think about the most efficient ways you can get use out of these climate-controlled storage containers.

Confidentiality Is a Top Priority

Many businesses, such as medical facilities, accounting firms, and law offices, hold records that are incredibly confidential since they contain very private information about their clients. The public shouldn’t have access to these records, which is why it’s important to keep this information safely concealed in an off-site storage facility.

Climate-controlled storage units allow you to change both the temperature and humidity levels inside, offering a safe and comfortable place for you to store your records, revisit old records that you need to reference, and protect confidential information from the public eye. Even better, the climate control prevents ink from bleeding, information stored on temperature-sensitive electronics such as servers from corrupting, and moisture from damaging any of your stored goods.

Security Is a Priority

Keeping a collection of items in New York can be very difficult with the limited space you have. Your business needs a secure solution for record storage, somewhere that criminals cannot access, your other patients or clients cannot reach, and that only the qualified employees of your business know how to enter. Climate-controlled storage units can be securely locked and have durable, penetration-proof walls. You can deter thieves and keep your records safe.

Because climate-controlled storage units are so secure, many businesses even choose to keep their important goods stored there, such as medical supplies, retail stock, extra furniture and electronics, and so much more. Because climate-controlled units are comfortable enough for you, people may choose to use their climate-controlled units as off-site or extra office space. Make room for overflow or get off-site work done in a secure environment. You can even keep the location of the unit undisclosed so that you can guarantee that confidential information won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Storage Containers Long Island, NY

Having a storage unit with controlled temperature means you don’t have to worry about storing records and other important goods throughout the year since you can store them in these units for as long as you need to. You never know when you might need to dig up important records, or how long you are legally required to store certain information about past clients, so you might as well keep them in a safe place until then.

If you have further questions on uses for climate-controlled storage units, request a quote or call Cassone at (800) 947-1334. They will give you tips on how to use your unit to the best of your ability and can help connect you with the unit that you need to get your business done safely and securely.