Modular building 1

In the current economic environment, every business is looking to be friendlier to the environment. Not only is it good for the bottom line, it also provides the company with talking points for advertising and community relations. When the oil companies talk about going green and investing in greener technologies, you know it's important from a business standpoint to figure out ways to be better to the environment. At Cassone Leasing, Inc., we've found one of the best ways to go green is with modular construction. Here are some of the environmental benefits.

Less Time

Modular construction takes less time than more traditional construction projects. Because much of the work is done in a factory, it isn't dependent on the weather. Rain, snow, and other storms won't keep components from being completed. Less time at the construction site means that the construction company uses fewer resources, including fewer fossil fuels and less electricity for the project. Construction companies love it, and you’ll be able to use your building more quickly than you thought possible.

Built with Eco-Friendly Components

Modular components tend to be built with eco-friendliness in mind. Recycled insulation, white paint on the outside, and motion-controlled sensors are par for the course. Over the life of the modular component, these seemingly small changes can lead to huge savings to your bottom line. Your business consumes less electricity because of a simple change in building dynamics. Some modular components can be further modified to provide even greater energy and water conservation.

Modular building 2

Reuse Possibilities

Some modular constructions can be changed and moved to other parts of the building. If you need to expand space or create a new office, you may be able to take a specific module and simply move it to a place that works for you. You don't have to throw anything out or undergo an entire remodel to give your business a morale booster. Move a module and enjoy the new space created.

Get More with Modules

Because modules are constructed in a factory, your construction project could take advantage of the cost savings associated with a factory process. The whole reason cars became successful is because Henry Ford implemented an assembly line and was able to offer them for cheap. A university dormitory project at North Carolina’s Appalachian State University was finished sooner and had more beds than a similar dormitory project constructed in the traditional fashion. Less time at the construction site means fewer resources used. A modular building in NYC can be the best way to take advantage of limited space while providing your company the benefits of becoming eco-friendlier. If you need more space or are just looking to change things up, modular construction is the best way to go.