Office Storage Container

Once you’ve selected the perfect construction or office trailer in NYC, it’s time to plan and prepare for its arrival. Planning and preparing the site for your container will save time at delivery and ensure a smooth transition at your site. Keep reading to learn more from Cassone Leasing, Inc.


As the site manager, it’s your job to make sure you have the necessary permits for equipment and containers on your job site. Permits are usually generated by the local or state legislature depending where your site is located and the size of your project. Keep in mind that the permitting process can take several weeks. Surveyors may be ordered to examine your job site and submit diagrams of the site to the licensing board for approval. Give yourself plenty of time to acquire the necessary permits before your container arrives.  

Site Prep

Depending on the location of your job site, additional steps may be necessary to prepare the area for your mobile office or storage container. If you need to clear the area of trees or underbrush, make sure you have the necessary permits to do so. If you hire a tree cutting company, they usually file the permits for each job they do. Clearing underbrush away from your site will help prevent fires and protect your onsite assets. You may need to have a geological survey performed to test the terrain and soils for potential sinking hazards. To ensure that your container is supported on a level surface, it’s recommended that the level surface is a foundation of either asphalt, cement or gravel. A foundation will help prevent sinking and ensure that the weight of your container is evenly distributed.    


As you're preparing your site for your new container, be mindful of how the container company will deliver your order. This is especially important if your job site is in the middle of nowhere. Is there an adequate access road that can handle an oversized tractor trailer delivery? What about low hanging tree branches and power lines? Is there room on the site for the driver to maneuver and unload? Most containers are delivered using a roll-off truck bed, so the driver will need ample room to maneuver around the container’s finally placement site. Allow for at least 120 feet of clearance around the area where you want the container.

Office Container


It’s always a good idea to opt for extra insurance especially in the construction industry. While some container companies offer insurance, others will require you to obtain proof of private insurance before they lease out their containers. A General Liability Program will satisfy most of these requirements, but it doesn’t cover vandalism, fire, or natural disasters. If these are concerns at your job site, consider upping your insurance coverage for the duration of your lease. Whether you're looking for new or used construction office trailers for sale in NYC, take the time to plan your job site according. Call the experts at Cassone Leasing, Inc., for more information about preparing your job site for your new container.