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If you are busy running a business, it can be to your advantage to rent or buy temporary office space. Construction doesn’t last forever, and you’ll want your base of operations to be as close to the site as possible. If you work from home and need extra space, temporary office space can give you the peace — and space — you’ll need. Not all types of temporary buildings are the same, however. When looking for office trailers for rent in NYC, you’ll need to decide between ground level offices, and mobile offices. Here are a few things to consider.

How Do They Differ

The distinction between mobile office trailers and ground level storage offices may seem minor, but they each offer their own specific advantages. A mobile office is a trailer that is converted into an above-ground office that is secured into an I-beam metal frame. It requires stairs or a ramp that’s OSHA compatible and often has vinyl floors and T-grid ceilings.

Ground level offices, on the other hand, are converted shipping containers that sit directly on the ground. Since they’re made of steel, they’re very tough and weather-resistant but have an industrial look that doesn’t suit everyone.


If you’re not renting but are looking for used office trailers for sale in NYC, ground level offices have the added advantage of being easily portable. Because they are in the standardized size of ISO containers — and sit directly on the ground — they can be easily moved by trucks, boats, and trains. They’re easy to store, and can even be stacked with other containers as high as seven units. MOs, on the other hand, are firmly secured to the ground and require more time and labor to break down before transporting.

Meeting the Needs of Your Business

Mobile offices resemble standard office space more than ground level offices. They can be customized to include wood paneling, awning, interior walls, and other additions to give the feeling of a more traditional office. Other common additions include an HVAC, plumbing, and drywall textured ceilings and walls. Ground level offices can be customized with these as well, but since they’re converted shipping containers, this type of customization is not as common and may cost more.​​

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The best way to find out which type of temporary office space is best suited for you, contact the experts at Cassone. They can help you find the option that works best for you. To rent or buy your next temporary office, call Cassone today or request a quote here!