How Construction Office Trailers Support On-Site Data Security

Security is a hot-button issue these days, and many plans and contracts associated with a construction job are highly confidential. Competitors might pay large amounts of money to get access to the details of your supply agreements, but the use of construction office trailers for your center of operations on a job site can help protect sensitive data.

Theft Via Social Engineering

The biggest risk to confidential data lies in social engineering, which is the art of tricking people into giving up valuable information. A common method of obtaining intelligence is by accessing computers or laptops without permission. This is often done through the theft or guessing of a user’s password, which can only happen when the computers are easily reached. By ensuring your technological equipment is kept safely behind lock and key in construction office trailers, you can minimize your risk of data leaks.

Types of Info At Risk

So, what types of information might industrial thieves be after, and why? Intellectual property theft in the construction industry mainly focuses on copyrighted materials, such as drawings, plans, written documents, images and photographs. All these materials need to be used at every stage of a construction project. Demolition and construction both require access to the architect’s plans, for example, while repairs and alterations will need detailed building plans. HVAC upgrades require exact wiring and duct diagrams, and elevator repair companies need information on the shaft structure and positioning. Whether you have these on site in hard copy or electronic format, keeping them secure in construction trailer offices is vital for your peace of mind.

Consequences of Information Theft

Instances of information theft consequences in the construction industry could include:

  • Buying up materials to cause a shortfall in the market, which impacts the delivery from your chosen vendors. When a supplier’s contract information is compromised, the perpetrators can ensure material unavailability that will either delay your project or require you to pay higher prices to obtain the items.
  • Sabotage and terrorist activities aimed at the building, through access either during the construction stage or after completion. This could range from causing construction accidents through to selling the plans for the final project on the Dark Web, where terrorists are willing to pay substantial amounts for detailed knowledge of a building’s layout.

Secure your intellectual property and confidential data onsite by including quality, lockable construction office trailers in every project you undertake.