Storage container 1

For most businesses, a storage container is a useful thing to have on hand. Containers don't carry the same cost as the rental of storage units, and they can be placed conveniently almost anywhere without much of a problem. At Cassone Trailers in NYC, we've seen businesses harness the flexibility of storage containers to create a better working model, save their resources, and find more workspace than they would have otherwise had.

Size Matters

Real estate is expensive. If you already have a warehouse but your stock has temporarily outgrown its space, a storage unit placed on your parking lot could be the answer. You can move excess stock to a protected environment on your property with very little cost involved. The amount of space you have for a storage unit will be the first factor to consider when deciding on the size you need.

The number of items and what you are storing will also play a role in determining the size of container or containers that you need. Containers generally come in lengths of 10, 20, and 40 feet. There is very little point in getting a larger unit than you need, but a smaller unit won't do you much good, either.

Storage container 2

Ease of Movement

Many storage units are basically stationary and quasi-permanent. They can be lifted into place and out of place, but it takes a coordination of resources and manpower to make this happen. Some companies will use a semi-truck trailer as a storage unit. These trailers are higher off the ground, but they are easier to move in and out of areas if anyone ever says, "You can't park here." You just need to find a truck driver to move the trailer to another location. Of course, ground-based storage units are easier to access and to load and unload because they are close to the ground. Semi-truck trailers are about 3 to 4 feet off the ground, making loading and unloading in situ more difficult.

Access Control

Whether you choose a ground-based storage unit or a semi-truck trailer, you are going to worry about access and controlling who can get into the container. Fortunately, storage containers are designed to remain closed during stressful and dangerous travel conditions. While they can easily be clamped shut and locked by one person, they are harder to gain access to, depending on the efficacy of your lock. Choose a great lock, and only those with keys or a lot of time on their hands will be able to get into a steel box. At Cassone Trailers, we know that quality storage containers for sale in NYC are important. Make sure you get one that is right for your business and your needs.