3 Ways Modular Buildings Reduce Construction Waste:

  1. Less material waste: The purpose behind the design of modular buildings is to use materials efficiently. Instead of throwing materials away at the end of a project, unused materials get repurposed and used on other projects.
  2. Less construction site waste: With traditional building projects, a lot of waste is generated on-site and tossed into dumpsters for transport to the landfill. Modular buildings are built in sections at factories and transported to the site. Any waste produced during the manufacturing process at the factory is managed by following recycling and reusing principles.
  3. Flexible and adaptable: If a modular building no longer services its original purpose, instead of being demolished it’s repurposed. These buildings are great for temporary usage, but they’re increasingly being used as permanent solutions for company’s that need more space. All of this is achieved without creating excess waste via the construction process.