Modular Office

Modular storage containers are the new office space! Any industry that needs a workspace that’s easy to deliver and configure should explore the many possibilities offered by these innovative office solutions. Read on to learn more about how a variety of industries benefit from using office trailers.

Residential and Commercial Construction

Construction companies are the most obvious ones that benefit from using office trailers. Job sites are temporary but still require a semi-permanent home base for those in charge of operations. Storage container offices are an ideal option for constructions sites. Most are equipped with heating and cooling capability as well as electricity. Construction companies who use modular storage containers in Long Island can have them configured to include built-in office furnishings or perhaps even an area set-up for employees to take a break from inclement weather.

Modular Healthcare Offices

Not every patient receives care in a traditional medical office setting. Some patients put off medical care because they don’t drive or cannot access public transportation. Imagine the impact on communities when healthcare is brought to them. Underserved communities benefit from medical offices built from storage containers in Long Island.  Using an office trailer as a mobile vaccine or routine health screening clinic lets medical personnel deliver needed healthcare to the community. When a medical team can easily transport the clinic, more patients can be served.

Real Estate Sales and Leasing

When new residential developments are built, it’s important to have on on-site sales office. Storage containers are simple to set-up with office furnishings and an area to display samples of flooring, countertops, and other home finishes. In the past sales offices for new subdivisions have been set-up in a model home. An office trailer is a better option as it can be moved to the developer’s next location and set-up for immediate use. If the new home community is one where the properties are leased, the office trailer can be used as the leasing office. It makes sense as it means all properties can be rented out, maximizing rental profits.

Modular Spaces

Schools and Religious Organizations

Education has enjoyed the benefit of mobile classrooms for years. Schools that outgrow building often use storage container offices to house not only classrooms but offices and libraries. Since office trailers are climate controlled, it doesn’t matter what season it is, students are kept comfortable and safe from weather extremes. Religious organizations use mobile office trailers as classroom for religious studies in the same way traditional schools utilize them.

The Entertainment Industry

People who organize film production or music and art festivals can benefit from on-site office space. The uses for storage container offices in this industry are almost endless. Ticket booths are one popular way to set-up an office trailer. Festival attendees and staff need a place to go if they have a medical emergency. Why not set up a trailer to provide basic medical care? Most large festivals can use multiple offices since they need a place for festival staff to perform administrative tasks and store belongings. Film production companies may need a short-term office space location on-set. An office trailer is perfect!

If your business requires a compact and convenient option for office space, call Cassone Leasing Inc, today. They specialize in helping clients set-up office space anywhere.