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New York City residents who are in the process of moving often use storage to keep things safe while transitioning from one place to another. If you need temporary or even long-term storage for personal belongings or business property, consider utilizing climate-controlled storage containers in NYC to protect your valuables. Read on to learn the benefits of climate-controlled storage.

Keep Pests from Making Nests

One advantage of climate-controlled storage is that units are usually located inside a building. This means bugs and other rodents can’t get in and make a home for themselves. Rodents are destructive and can ruin furniture beyond repair. They like to chew paper, so they can destroy any documents you keep in boxes or envelopes. Insects are just as bad. Some insects specialize in eating fabric fibers. When you choose climate-controlled storage, you’re not likely to deal with any kind of pest infestations.

No Extreme Temperatures

If you have CDs or DVDs, exposing them to high heat may cause them to melt. If you store electronics, temperature extremes can damage them as well. You might not have considered other valuables like fine china and crystal. The heat might not be as dangerous, but extremely cold temperatures could cause them to break or crack. Keeping temperatures steady ensures these types of valuables don’t suffer the effects of extreme heat or cold.

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Protect Your Furniture

Whether your furniture is constructed from wood or metal, it’s important to store it in a dry environment. Unlike outside storage, which includes sheds and garages, keeping furniture in an environment free of moisture helps protect your furnishings from getting warped. This is especially important for wood pieces, as wood tends to swell when exposed to heat and humidity. You certainly don’t want metal furniture to get wet, either, because you’ll end up dealing with rust.

Avoid Mold

If you’ve ever opened a box of books or clothing that has been stored in a musty basement, you know how strong the odor can be, especially after several months or years. Most basements are damp and not conducive for protecting your belongings. Books and paper documents are most susceptible to developing mold, but clothes and other fabrics can, too. The problem with mold is that it’s not easy to get rid of, and the smell rarely goes away completely. Once electronics have mold growing in them, it’s almost a guarantee that they’ll be ruined.

If you’re like most people, your personal belongings are precious to you. If you’re a business owner, you know how difficult it is to replace files and computers. Even if you carry insurance to cover damage to your business property, there’s usually a significant deductible. It’s also inconvenient to shop for replacements. You might only need storage for a short time, but if you are looking at long-term storage, why not consider climate-controlled storage containers for sale in NYC? It’s an excellent option if you know you’ll need storage for several months, or maybe even a few years. The peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe is worth the investment.