Finding a storage unit isn’t a complicated process but it’s best to work with storage unit facilities that know how to best protect your items. You may need climate-controlled storage for some of your items, especially if they are vintage or family heirlooms. Here's a quick rundown of everything you need to know about climate-controlled storage containers in NYC, and why these might be best for your possessions.

Definition of Climate-Controlled Storage

Simply put, the term climate-controlled storage is commonly used to describe storage units or containers that control the temperature and humidity of a unit. There are also temperature-controlled units, which just means that the temperature but not the humidity remains at the same level.

Why Climate Controlled Storage Is Important

The humidity and the temperature work together to control moisture levels in a storage space. When one is off balance from the other, the items in your storage unit may suffer. For example, if you have valuable or confidential documents, they may become ruined in a storage unit that doesn’t have climate control to ensure the humidity doesn’t ruin the paper.

Items to Store in Climate Controlled Environments

Some of the things that would require climate-controlled storage units include vinyl records, electronics, metal, and of course documents. These things all tend to break down or rust when not in a controlled environment. If you have wood furniture or instruments to place in storage, then a climate-controlled unit is your best option to avoid expansion or contraction.


How It Works

Facilities are able to keep individual units climate controlled with the use of a dehumidifier, which removes humidity from the air. There are generally two kinds of dehumidifiers: desiccant, which uses a drying chemical substance like you would see in a new purse or in the box of a new pair of shoes. The other is mechanical or refrigerate dehumidifiers, which use refrigerant to remove moisture from the air.

Ideal Humidity Level

If you’re looking for a good storage unit to use, call around and ask about the level of humidity and the temperature they set their storage units at. The ideal humidity level is around 55% relative humidity. Unless a tenant requests something different, most climate-controlled facilities will set their default humidity level at 55%. However, because many storage units can’t precisely monitor the humidity level in any given unit, it’s best to visit the storage unit occasionally to ensure that your items are still in the condition you left them in.

There’s not a lot you wouldn’t do to make sure that your precious valuables and heirloom items remain safe and in good condition for as long as they’re in your care. For this reason and many more, climate controlled reinforced storage containers in NYC may be the best option for you.