Since 1976, Cassone Leasing has been a family-operated business. Proudly serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the award-winning professionals at Cassone, are happy to help every company acquire the ideal office space that they need. Whether it's temporary or permanent accommodations that you require, the Cassone team is aware that no two businesses are precisely the same. Design and customization are specialties at Cassone. Everything from a single unit to multi-story complexes is possible. The expert crew is happy to assist with step-by-step support, ensuring that every project is guaranteed to be successful. If you have any questions or would like to see what Cassone has to offer, be sure to contact them.

Discover what container offices can do for you.

Safe and Secure

Container offices are commonly used for temporary projects or programs. Most people immediately think of construction work, but many industries make use of container offices. Educators, legal professionals, disaster response teams, government agencies, and even medical companies sometimes use container offices. As long as you have access to leveled ground, a container office can be established to provide a workspace for your team. People are sometimes concerned about safety, but modern container offices are built tough and designed to stay safe. The structure can easily make it through storms and remain secured.

Customizable and Expandable

No two companies ever seem to have precisely the same needs. From the outside, it might seem like container offices are all the same, but that isn't true. Each container office can be customized to suit your specific requirements. The offices also come in many different sizes and are even stackable. Your container office could easily be expanded to be a small office complex rather than a single facility.

While traditionally used for temporary purposes, container offices may be utilized as permanent structures. It depends on how long you're expecting to need the space. The setup is fast and easy, and the containers can be transported with little issue. Whether you need the office space for a few months or several years, container offices should easily be able to continue meeting your needs.