Modular buidling

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential communities. Designed and built off-site, they are often cheaper than traditional construction, yet are just as safe and functional. Furthermore, their design possibilities have only increased over time, so they can come in either simple rectangular structures, or more sophisticated buildings that are nearly indistinguishable from other homes and businesses. To further complicate things, custom modular buildings in NYC can be either temporary or permanent, so when choosing yours, you'll have to determine which kind of modular building best fits your needs. Here are a few things to consider.

Its Purpose

Either temporary or permanent modular buildings will work best under different conditions. If you're running a work site that requires temporary office space, then a temporary building is ideal. These also work well in emergency situations, such as recovering from natural disasters where shelters for offices and homes are in high demand. Temporary buildings also work well in environments where long-term solutions haven't been found yet. Modular buildings are common in schools, government institutions, and non-profits where funding has trouble catching up with growth, and new space needs to be found.

The Costs

Temporary buildings are less expensive because they can be rented and then moved from place to place. Unfortunately, because they are considered personal property, and not a part of your real estate, they will depreciate quickly. Permanent buildings become a part of your residential or business investment, so they're going to cost more, but they are more likely to either retain or increase their value.

Permanent or temporary


Most temporary modular buildings look alike. Because you're renting, you won't be able to make changes or customize your building in such a way that is pleasing or better meets your requirements. There is very little separating permanent modular buildings from regular buildings. The only real difference is modulars are built off-site. Besides that, they can be outfitted in several stories, and include elevators and lobbies, extra windows and rooms, or whatever you like. The only limits are the local area's building codes and the materials that can influence a building's size.


If you're planning on moving your business to a new location anytime soon, then a temporary modular building will be preferable. Permanent modular buildings are installed in the same way other permanent structures are, and must satisfy all the laws that cover regular buildings. Temporary modulars are built tough, so they can handle several moves without sacrificing structural integrity or performance.

When it comes to modular buildings in NYC, you have a lot of options, so you have a lot of different things to consider. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call Cassone Leasing Inc. We'll be happy to help!