Storage Containers

Security around construction sites is a real concern. All too often, supplies, tools, and heavy machinery are stolen while workers are on break or off of the clock. This can cost the construction company thousands of dollars in equipment and even more as they adjust their building timeline to accommodate for the loss. Security officers and on-site ground storage containers in NYC make it easy to protect your assets throughout the entire project.

Mobile Security Office

The safety and security of your jobsite should be a top priority. That doesn’t mean, however, that it needs to be your top priority. Instead of focusing your energy on security, leave it to someone else. Whether you choose to hire a company or utilize one of your employees, hiring a security team is a great way to keep your site free from theft. Because you’ll need security on-site around the clock, a shipping container office is a great idea. These portable trailer-like spaces can be easily customized and moved to fit your needs. Whether you need something large enough to seat an entire team or something small enough for a couple of people, a mobile security office is a great way to prevent theft from occurring on your site.

Storage Space

Shipping containers can be used for more than just a security office. When you have valuable equipment, it’s important to store it in a place that’s difficult to access. Storage containers are built out of strong 14-gauge steel. Made with reinforced entry points, it’s nearly impossible to access without the proper keys. Whether you choose to store small equipment, tools or supplies inside of your container, you can rest easy knowing that they’re safe and secure, even when you’re not around.


The Benefits

There are no drawbacks to utilizing storage containers on your construction sites. It’s a simple solution to solve any security issues. Plus, they’re portable. There’s no need to purchase individual containers for each of your projects. Instead, simple move the containers to different sites as needed. You can stack the containers to consolidate space or have them created to suit your specifications. Choosing to use storage containers can also be a method of advertising. Because these containers can be built and designed according to your needs, it’s easy to paint them or apply logos to the exterior. Passersby will easily recognize that your company is working on the project that they see.

Don’t rely on mediocre security measures to protect your tools and equipment. Instead, keep things safe with the help of storage containers in Long Island, NY. Whether you’ll be working on a specific project for a few weeks or a few months, there’s no better way to ensure that your jobsite remains secure. Protect your site today by contacting Cassone Trailers.