Climate Controlled Storage Container

When considering renting a storage unit, there are many factors to consider. How much stuff do you need to store? What size of container is required? Are you considering long-term storage, or short-term storage? All this, as well as the price and location, are instrumental in deciding which type of storage unit you need. Another option you may or may not have considered, however, is climate controlled storage containers. NYC has several sites available all over the city, so if you choose to go that route, here's what you need to know.

What Type of Things Do You Need to Store?

When considering what you're storing, it's not the economic value of your possessions that's necessarily the most important factor. What you need to consider is how vulnerable your stuff is to changes in the weather. For instance, old books, photo albums, and some furniture is more likely to suffer damage in an uncontrolled storage unit. Jewelry, however, can likely do fine regardless of the weather. Also, some items that may be vulnerable, but can be stored in small moisture-proof containers, can survive just fine in regular storage containers.

Insure Valuable Items

Assess the value of what you're planning on storing, and if you feel it's worth it, have the most valuable items insured. If the safety of your sentimental possessions is of particular importance - and they're susceptible to weather damage - insurance won't help much, so you should probably choose a climate controlled storage container for sale in NYC.

Length of Storage

The longer you're storing your items, the more likely a climate-controlled storage facility might be important. If you don't plan on keeping your stuff in storage for a significant length of time, it's less likely to be damaged by changes in weather, so a regular storage facility is probably acceptable.

Climate Controlled Storage Container

Take the Weather into Account

The environmental conditions of the location of your storage facility will go a long way towards determining whether it should be climate controlled. If you're storing your stuff around NYC during the winter, a climate controlled storage facility would make more sense than in September. Again, it largely depends on what kinds of items you're storing, and how susceptible they are to extreme changes in the weather.

Always Check the Facilities First

Regardless of where you intend to store your items, you should have a first-hand account of the facilities. Is your storage container facility properly secured? Can you adjust the temperature yourself? Also, be sure they can provide insurance for your belongings so you'll be reimbursed should anything go wrong.

You may pay more for a climate controlled storage facility, but considering the cost of losing any of your irreplaceable belongings, it may be well worth it. Contact your local storage container company today to learn more.