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Event planning involves a large amount of hard work, planning, and money, making it a highly stressful responsibility. To help make collecting and managing ticket sales a little easier for your upcoming event, you should consider renting a ticket booth. Having a ticket booth at your event will ensure every guest obtains a ticket for the festivities and allows for easy event organization. Plus, they can help you market your upcoming event with advertising banners seen from the street.

Customer Service

A ticket booth can be incredibly helpful in providing fantastic customer service at your event. You should staff this booth with some of your friendliest staff, so they can focus on the guest experience and provide as many answers to your customers as they can. Although it may not seem like an essential part of your event, using your ticket booths as a great first impression can help lead to even more sales and consistent customers. That’s right; a small ticket booth rental can lead to higher revenue and a loyal customer base.

Hold Future Sales

Renting out a ticket booth provides you an area to hold onto tickets for people that booked their entry to your event in advance. Fortunately, this can help your guests save money and can lead to higher revenue for your business. Holding future sales can also help you plan better for your event since you’ll have a good idea of how many people are already planning on attending. To keep your audience in the know about booking event tickets in advance, make sure you have a dedicated area on your landing page so individuals can book their ticket in minutes and take less time waiting in line to pay.

Cassone Trailers Heineken Ticket Booth

Event Guest Information

An affordable rental ticket booth is an ideal area to store ticket and guest information for everyone attending the event. With this data, you can also analyze how effectively you sold tickets to the event and what you can do to increase your numbers next year. Also, if anyone wants to join your company’s newsletter or mailing list, you can fill out and store this information in the ticket booth at the entrance.

Crowd Control

A ticket booth can help you manage a substantial crowd at your event. Since the majority of your guests will be buying tickets from your booths, you can get a good idea of exactly how many people are attending. This can help prevent your event from becoming too overcrowded, which can lead to a less than desirable experience for your guests.

Communication with Guests

Having a ticket booth at your event can make it easier to spread information and communicate with your guests. Although you should still have staff spread around your venue to address concerns and requests, your ticket booth is the first thing your guest will see when entering the event, making it incredibly important as an initial point of contact.

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider renting ticket booths for your upcoming event, from being an initial point of contact for your guests to providing a form of crowd control. To prepare for your next event, reach out to Cassone Leasing, Inc. to learn about the many booths and storage containers in Long Island, NY, we have to offer your business. Request a quote here.