Modular home

Designers the world over have found fascinating ways to make modular buildings. You might be familiar with custom modular buildings in NYC. They're portable, versatile, and are perfect for setting up offices quickly at construction sites. However, that's not all modular buildings are known for. Modular buildings are excellent permanent office spaces, and have a lot to offer when used in home design. Here are a few reasons why modular buildings are such popular choices in home and office construction.

What Defines a Modular Buildings?

Modular buildings are no longer just collections of shipping containers linked together. What makes a home "modular" is simply that it's constructed in a factory-like environment, then shipped to the building site. It's no different than what used to be known as a prefabricated or a prefab home. Because they're built off-site in a secure, indoor environment, the construction of modular homes is a matter of weeks instead of months.

Customization Is Standard

Like any product, the quality and style of each modular building varies depending on the manufacturer. As opposed to purchasing a home that's already set on its foundation, you can choose the design of the home you want in advance. Modular homes can be made to look any way you wish. From Victorian to mid-century, the only limits are set by the manufacturer and by your own personal taste.

Modular building

On-Site Construction

Think of modular buildings as assortments of incredibly complex building blocks, or Legos. The building is built in a factory, then shipped to the site in sections where it is then reassembled by construction crews with the assistance of cranes and other equipment. Once the building is in place, it cannot be moved. It is secured to its foundation just like any other house. Also, modular homes are not unlike new cars. Manufacturers can offer hundreds of additional features. From heated floors and solid-surface countertops to cabinet styles and plumbing fixtures, you build your home to the specifications you want.

Advantages of Modular Homes

One clear advantage is that modular homes are often far less expensive than traditional homes. Because they're built off-site with prefab materials, they can be built quickly and are inspected in the course of the construction by a third-party inspector. Also, modular homes are far more energy-efficient, so even upon completion, you'll be saving money for as long as you own the home.

With modular homes, you can have the daring, ultra-modern design you've always wanted, or the traditional ranch house of your dreams. Once you have a plot of land you like, find a manufacturer and choose the design and specifications that match your style, and you too can have your own modular building system in NYC.