Storage Container Housing

With increasing numbers of students and rising college costs, it's important for most schools to find a way to accommodate all the students while reducing the associated housing and other costs. With tuitions costs in the stratosphere, having a simple, secure, and inexpensive housing option is critical to student success. Many companies that provide storage container rental in NYC can provide a unique offering to the college housing problem.

Save Time

If you need housing now, storage units can be quickly assembled, and because of their modularity, you don't have to get more than you need. Most companies in the storage container housing business can get a building up quickly and without all of the problems that come with traditional construction.

Save Money

Rather than packing 3 or 4 students into dorm rooms meant for 2 people, increasing housing quickly through storage containers will save you wear and tear on your existing buildings, which will save you money on maintenance costs. Building with storage containers often reduces the overall time spent on the construction site making the cost of the building less. If you only need to add a few rooms, many of these buildings can be modified even after installation.

Better Safety

Storage containers are built to withstand the rigors of sea, rail, and truck transportation. They are built to be stacked with full loads inside. Few things are as strong as a storage container. When put together with other containers, you'll have a building that will withstand most extreme weather.

Storage Container Housing

Better for the Environment

Shipping container dorms can be built to work with solar power. Because of their size, they are easy to heat and cool. By recycling storage containers, your university is helping to take a step toward a better environment. Since the resources have already been used to build the units, a storage container housing unit saves on raw materials and resources that would otherwise be used at the construction site. Add in other green opportunities with storage units, and your containers will be amazing! It doesn't hurt that you can advertise your new building as green, either!

Expand Your Horizons

Colleges and universities are the best place to try out new technologies and to figure out how to use existing technologies in new ways. A company that does storage container rental in NYC can provide you with the raw materials to create something that is truly revolutionary and will help make college more affordable. However, only you can decide how those containers should be used and what they could look like. In the era of Minecraft, creating an 8-bit building seems like a great way to attract more students. Sometimes, you have to think of the box before you can think outside of it.