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A mobile office trailer can be very useful. It can be used for a construction office, a portable change facility, a ticket booth, or an extension to your business’s home office. A mobile office trailer can be placed right where you need it, and the trailer can be moved to different locations. When contemplating used mobile office trailers for sale in NYC, there are some things you should consider in determining if you're making a wise investment.

Purpose of Office Trailer

The first thing you should consider is how you plan to use the office trailer. You may plan to use the trailer as a construction office. You’ll need to determine its use and how many people will use it. You will need to make sure the space accommodates your team leaders to have meetings, or if you plan to see customers in the trailer, you'll need to make sure there's enough room. If you're using the trailer as an annex for your business’s home office, think about what work you'll perform in the trailer. If you're using the trailer as a change facility, consider how many people will use the facility and how often the facility will be used.

Installation Cost

Check into the cost of installing the trailer. Take into account set-up fees and delivery costs. You'll need to consider the size of the trailer when calculating set-up fees, and you'll need to know how far the trailer is from your location to estimate delivery costs. Anticipate these expenses so you can manage your budget.


Consider where you're going to put your trailer. Are you close to a power source? Is there a water hookup? Is there a level surface for the trailer?

Legal Requirements

Make sure you're aware of any permit requirements where you plan to locate your trailer. You may intend on relocating the trailer from time to time, and requirements may vary if you move to another county or another state. Check on any applicable building codes.

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Learn what you need to make the trailer work efficiently. You may need to partition off certain areas of the trailer. You may need to build shelves. Make sure there are enough lights and electrical outlets and that they are located in the right spots.


Plan ahead for your trailer furnishings. Do you need desks and chairs? Do you need a large table to spread project drawings? If you're unsure how big the trailer should be, you may need to go too big rather than too small. You don't want to outgrow the trailer or have the trailer so small that it's uncomfortable for you and your employees or doesn't have the space you need.


Estimate how long you'll need the trailer. You may have a temporary use at one site, but also have another site where the trailer can be used. If you only need the trailer on a temporary basis, you may be better off to look at mobile office trailers for rent.

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