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The construction trailer on your job site is more than just a place to store all that paperwork the city or state make you maintain. It's also a refuge from the elements for you and your workers; keeping it a shelter in the summer heat can be a challenge. If you're looking at used construction office trailers for sale in NYC or already have one but find it stifling, here are some tips to making sure it stays an ice-cold refuge for the employees you depend on to get the job done.

Check and Maintain Air Filters

Whether you're operating a window unit or a full-on HVAC system, the air filters in the AC in your used construction office trailers in NYC are what allows you to stay cool, even more than the AC system itself. If the system’s filters are fouled or clogged, they simply do not process air efficiently, which means you and your workers get less than optimum output from the system and that means your trailer can heat up. Replace the filters every three months and inspect them once a month or if the unit’s performance seems to take an unexplained dip.

Keep the Door Closed

This is just common sense. Plus, it saves money. You're already paying to have construction office trailers in NYC at your job sites, why would you pay more by leaving the door open when the AC is running? To paraphrase the old saying, “you do not work in a barn, so close the door.”

Air Circulation

Portable fans do a great job at moving the air, which if it's already cooled, will only add to the overall effectiveness of your AC system. You can also use them to extend the distribution of your AC’s output by placing fans at the entrance of secondary rooms to push the cool air into them.

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Close the Blinds

You like to see what's going on from your construction office trailer rental in NYC, but during the heat of the summer, that's not economical and can let the sun unnecessarily warm up the trailer. If you're going to be spending a lot of time in your construction trailer, it might be worth looking into some higher end blinds that specialize in blocking sunlight.

Watch Your Devices

Computers, routers, servers, copiers, refrigerators, other electronic devices produce an incredible amount of heat. Making sure they're positioned far away from the thermostat to avoid a false reading. If possible, put them in a separate room that you or staff only occasionally visit. Remember, though, that heat can affect the performance of computers, so make sure wherever you put them is well-circulated. You may even want to stipulate that any construction office trailers for rent in NYC that you look at have a separate room with that can be easily ventilated to ensure cool air in most of the office but not overheat your computer equipment.

Summer heat can be brutal. Keeping that in mind as you look at used construction office trailers for sale in NYC is important. Making sure that what you select can be adequately cooled without breaking the bank will ensure you and your employees stay comfortable during the hot months.