Waterproof outdoor storage containers long island ny

Durable, affordable outdoor storage containers are perfect for storage and space solutions. Also known as shipping containers, they’re made to withstand forces of nature out at sea. Made of heavy-duty corrugated steel, storage containers are built to endure the elements. Just follow these simple maintenance tips and your container will last for decades. Read on to find out more about maintaining these units and the available storage containers in Long Island, NY.


Moisture is the number one enemy of your metal storage container, and it can affect it in many ways.

Always place your container on level ground. This will minimize decay if moisture collects beneath or around it. A solid foundation, such as concrete or railroad ties, can help.

Condensation can form inside your container. Avoid opening the doors during humid or rainy weather, and only store dry goods to keep condensation from building up.  

Lastly, be sure to replace any rubber seals, caulking, or weather stripping at the first sign of wear and tear. You want to make sure no water can get in throughout the seasons.


Make sure the roof of the container doesn’t bear too much weight. While these containers are built extremely well, their structural weaknesses lie at the centers of their rooves. Avoid walking across the roof, which will cause flexing and stress.

Immediately clear off any mud, snow, and debris that has accumulated on your storage container. Again, moisture has a way of seeping in, and anything from ice to wet leaves can be a potential problem. Snow is heavy and removing it from your container’s roof after a storm will preserve the roof’s integrity.

Waterproof outdoor storage containers long island ny

Cleaning and Car

A little TLC goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of your storage container. Whenever you see rust, stains, and grime, clean them up right away with a household cleaner or bleach and a hose.

Keep the cargo door hinges lubricated, even if you don’t open them often. If the hinges haven’t been used in a while, they may not function properly. Regular oiling will keep them in top shape for when you need to access the interior of the container.

Storage containers are perfect for moving, mobile businesses, and secure storage that can withstand the harshest conditions. If you need storage or commercial space in the confines of a metropolitan area, secure outdoor storage containers in NYC offer an affordable, portable solution. Their rugged construction and easy transportability won’t let you down. Heated storage containers can serve as mobile offices or headquarters, and climate-controlled options can house goods or personnel any time of the year. You can even rent secure outdoor storage containers in Long Island, NY, if your needs are only temporary.

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