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Storage containers are built to take punishment as they stand out in the weather and are stacked onto ships, trains and trucks. The high durability of these containers makes them perfect for storage and transportation; it also makes them great for constructing new buildings! Storage containers have expanded out of the transportation business! Here are their top 5 uses not related to their original purpose.

1. Bars and Restaurants

The restaurant business is cutthroat, which means every new restaurant is looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. Building a restaurant from storage containers creates a unique look that will get people curious. They'll want to try a trendy, modern place that has great food. The same is true for bars. Because of their modern look, storage containers make for the perfect way to build a bar. Hipsters, eco-warriors, and those who are looking for something different are likely to flock to a bar built differently than any other bar in the city.

2. Tiny Homes

The latest trend for new homes is perfectly encompassed through the use of storage containers. With lengths ranging from 20 to 60 feet, containers make for the perfect tiny home. Some companies will even cut them smaller to fit a home owner's requirements. Beyond their size, storage containers can be made to be run on solar panels and wind power. The water system can be constructed to use the latest innovations in recycling. In short, a storage container home can be a net-zero, environmentally-friendly behemoth. For those who aren't into smaller homes, no problem! Storage containers can be stacked and pieced together like Legos to make an environmentally friendly home of any size!

Tiny house

3. At the Mall

In retail, the most important step is getting your product for sale as soon as possible. Companies don't want to have to wait while a construction company builds a new storefront. Storage containers provide the perfect solution. Since they are pre-built and only need to be assembled, much of the work time is cut down as are the number of possible delays. That allows the store to be open sooner, so that it can start make money quicker.

4. At School

In a place that should value creativity and problem solving, storage containers should be among the first solutions to the school overcrowding problem. By creating new classroom spaces that implement an innovation in environmentally-friendly building techniques, the school is stating its commitment through action to a better learning environment.

5. Medical Offices

Much like retailers, getting an office open sooner allows a medical professional to earn money more quickly. Storage containers make the building process faster. If you need outdoors storage containers in NYC, contact Cassone Trailers for the best deal today.