Portable office

No matter if you are completing a construction project, outgrowing your current office space, or even cleaning out your basement at home, a portable storage space can make all the difference. Renting one of these modular spaces can increase your productivity and make the whole project easier for everyone involved. But how do you know which storage provider will give you what you need to be successful? Here are a few top qualities to look for in a modular space provider.

Excellent Customer Service

A good storage provider will focus on your unique needs from start to finish. They shouldn’t be focused on upselling you or trying to get you to rent products that you don’t need. Instead, they should listen to you and try to fully understand your project plan, goals, and challenges. When a provider takes the time to listen to you and works hard to get you what you need, you can tell that they care about their clients and value customer service above all else.

Extensive Experience

A reliable provider of portable storage containers in NYC will have a wide-ranging background in their industry. They should have years of experience in the field and the expertise that only comes with working hard for a long time. The provider should also have a history of serving clients, both residentially and commercially, in a range of industries. Investigate how wide their reach is, as well as the capacity of the temporary storage units that are available.

History of Happy Customers

Along with years of experience, the provider should also have a trail of satisfied customers. There’s no better way to learn about how a company operates than by learning about the experiences of people who have worked with them in the past. Read online testimonials from past clients or ask the provider for the contact information of previous customers so you can reach out to them yourself.

Portable storage trailer

Easy to Reach

You should also try to find a portable storage provider who is easy to contact. If there is a problem with any of the storage containers, you don’t want to be waiting days for someone to reply to an email. The company should be easy to reach by phone, email, or in person.


Your temporary storage space needs to be able to meet all of your distinctive needs. This means that the provider must be able to accommodate a wide range of requirements. The provider should have a versatile fleet of containers that have a multitude of features like being easily accessible, climate control, lighting, coming in a range of sizes, and more.

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