Office Storage Container

There are several types of portable storage containers in NYC. To figure out which one is the right one for your job site, you’ll need to consider the type of job, the needs of the job, and the condition of your construction work site. Keep reading to learn more from Cassone Leasing Inc. about the different types of storage containers and how each one can help you manage your next big construction project.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are all about functionality and protecting your job site assets. Whether you need to store heavy equipment, building materials, or even dry goods and water, a basic storage container will protect your assets from the elements. Ground level storage containers are essentially shipping containers outfitted to your job site specifications. They're delivered and transported via tractor-trailer which is perfect for when you need to change job site locations. Storage containers are available with several entry options, the most common being the standard set of double swinging doors. For riding equipment or on-site vehicles, this double door will swing wide, so you can park your motorized vehicles inside and out of the elements. Storage trailers can also be customized with a single standard door, roll-up garage-style doors, shelving, interior lights, and heating and air conditioning. Trailers are watertight, fireproof, and wind resistant. If vandalism and theft is a concern, have peace of mind knowing that your supplies and equipment are secured in your on-site storage container.    

On-Site Offices

On-site office trailers are essential especially when your job site is across town, in another city, or in the middle of nowhere. Office trailers can provide all the functionality and basic comforts of a traditional office including air conditioning, heating, electrical hookups, and storage. When you need to look over blueprints or discuss the next stage of your project, an on-site office can give you the elbow room you need to keep your project on schedule. Hold meetings with site crews, teleconferences via the internet, or use your office space to provide minor on-site medical care. Office-style containers can serve a wide variety of functions besides managerial purposes. In the event of a sudden storm, they're good sources of shelter for you and your team. Custom office trailers can also be used as ticket booths for outdoor events or makeshift kitchens, break rooms, and sleeping quarters. How you customize your trailer will depend on your job-site needs, but they're by far the most versatile.

Meeting Storage Container

Combination Containers

Combination trailers provide the best features of both storage and office containers in one affordable package. While you should be careful not to underestimate your on-site, if you need the extra storage space for job site equipment or supplies, dual purposes units are available that combine an office and storage area into one unit. So, if your job requires you to keep paperwork in the same area as your workplace, this makes the perfect solution. If you need storage containers for office in NYC, there are several options available to meet your project demands. Contact the experts at Cassone Leasing, Inc., for more information and availability.