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Storage solutions and new or used mobile office trailers for sale in NYC can make a major difference to your business. After all, the never-ending hustle and bustle of the city mean you need to think outside the box and make a statement with the presence of mobile office trailers and portable guard booths. These freestanding structures are ideal for controlling entry and exit to community events and gatherings, as well as selling tickets to a variety of occasions. There are lots of ways in which getting your hands on a portable guard booth could change your business positively. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you find the perfect portable guard booths without breaking your budget.


Before you begin your search, you need to think about how big you want or need the guard/security booth or guardhouse to be. Are you looking for something fairly small to fit in a designated space, or do you prefer something a bit more spacious? Figuring out the size that would properly suit your location include how many attendants will be on staff at one time in the booth and for how long. The security needs of surrounding buildings and area is also a factor you should keep in mind when purchasing a portable guard booth from a reputable provider.


Next on your list should be the overall design and style of the portable guard booth you’re interested in. There are many options out there. Think about the shape and where you want your doors and windows. Once you figure out what your style and design are, you can move forward from there. Keep in mind that the best portable guard booth providers also offer customization services, so you can have one custom built to your needs if that’s the route you want to take.

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Functional Features

Last, you also need to consider the long list of potential add-ons and features that could transform your portable guard booths into something you absolutely love. If you’re interested in enhancing the overall functionality and security of your already impressive portable guard booths, just take a look at potential specifications you can explore. Things like finished flooring, exterior flood lights, tinted glass, temperature control, and countertop space can make your purchasing decision a whole lot easier. Having the option to install those features will open up new possibilities for you and your team, and it’s well worth it to at least consider the opportunity. The more research you do on what you like and don’t like in a portable guard booth, the easier it will be for you to identify your top priorities and in turn your top choice.

If you’re ready to find the guard booths or mobile office trailers for your business, contact the trusted experts at Cassone today for an amazing, affordable selection. Request a quote or call (800) 947-1334.