Modular buildings decrease the amount of time and the cost involved in building a place for your business or school. While there are no more limits to modular building capacity, some business can achieve more benefits from modular design than others. Schools are certainly in that category, as they often require many rooms that are basically the same: an open floor plan where several desks can be placed in front of a larger desk for the teacher. At Cassone Trailers in NYC, we know that your modular building design is only limited by your imagination, but here are some qualities that can make your modular trailers different from regular buildings.

Going Green

Modular buildings are some of the easiest to make energy efficient. Because they are designed and built to your specifications in a climate-controlled environment, you won't have to face any delays or cost overruns. The money you save over what a traditional building would have cost can be funneled into a design that will create a building capable of producing energy beyond what you need. Businesses and schools can tout this energy efficiency and use it to gain goodwill in the community. Not only are you doing good for your bottom line and the community, you are also doing something for the planet.

Multi-Level Designs

Modular buildings have been built as high as 25 stories. Because you can take advantage of multi-leveling, your building could have an entrance on the second floor. While most people opt for something more traditional, your entrance with stairs on the outside could be one of a kind.

New York City

The Quad

Modular trailers can be arranged in any configuration. You could have four trailers surrounding a quad area, but why not go for a hexagonal recreational space in the center of your building? No matter what shape your courtyard takes, when your employees and students have access to a safe area with sun, you'll find them to be happier and more productive.

Open Solutions

In some cases of renovation, your business might face a shutdown. If your retail location closes down, you could be losing valuable income and clients. Having a temporary storefront available for your customers will keep your doors open, generate excitement about your coming renovation, and keep your profits from falling due to a lack of business.

At Cassone Trailers, we know that modular trailers can be put together in any number of ways. When you combine modules, you can get buildings that are great for warehousing, archery ranges, and any number of other activities. Better, you can create a building that reflects your business' or school's outlook on the future. Get a building that represents who you are and create a buzz for your future. If you’re seeking custom mobile offices and classrooms in New York City, give Cassone Trailers a call today!