Modular building

If you own a retail business, you've probably realized you could always use more space. Perhaps you're thinking of expanding, or your business needs to undergo renovations, or maybe you're lacking the storage space you need to just keep up. Increasingly, retailers are turning to modular buildings in NYC to meet some of these needs. If you want to add some versatility to your retail space, here are a few reasons you might want to consider buying a modular building.

A Versatile Space

People often have the wrong impression when it comes to modular buildings or trailers. They might be confusing them with unaltered ship containers. The reality, however, is that modular buildings can blend seamlessly with the rest of your retail environment. This works perfectly should you require a swing space. If your retail store is undergoing renovations of some kind, using a modular building as a temporary space keeps your business running so you won't even have to suffer a hiccup.

Additional Storage

You might find your business is unable to fulfill its true potential simply because you lack the storage space you need to succeed. Adding a modular building is a simple solution that frees up the space you need on your selling floor while letting you keep all your supplies and/or merchandise in one easy-to-access location. Furthermore, even the simplest modular storage space protects your goods from the weather. If you required a climate-controlled environment, you can purchase one of those as well. There are several different types of modular buildings available to meet your specific needs.

Modular design

Pop-Up Storefront

Looking for a space to promote a particular product? Perhaps you have a big holiday sale you'd like to highlight to the general public. Well, nothing's hotter right now in retail than the pop-up store. Modular buildings are perfectly suited to this very purpose. Often less expensive — and far more versatile — than renting a retail space, you can set up a modular building as a pop-up storefront quickly and with relative ease. If you have the space on your property, you can set it up right next door. If not, you can have one delivered somewhere else (in accordance with local zoning laws, naturally). If you have a sure-fire idea and are willing to invest a little time and money to make it happen, renting a modular building provides the perfect space to execute that idea.

Modular buildings are all about providing options to retailers. If you have any need for your retail business that requires a little extra space, check with us at Cassone Leasing Inc., and we'll be happy to assist you with your modular building unit in NYC. Give us a call today!