Cassone Storage Container

When you're looking for reliable storage solutions, either for extra goods that need safe, long-term storage or even space to expand your business, look no further than modular storage containers. And when you want to rent or buy storage containers, make sure that you insist on getting temperature controlled storage units.

What does it mean for a storage container to be temperature controlled? It doesn't just mean you get a thermostat. Here's what it entails and a brief explanation on why these custom storage containers are the best storage option for a variety of commercial needs.


First of all, you do, get a thermostat. Climate-controlled units provide thermostats so you can control the temperature of your storage unit on demand. Keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can adjust them at will and turn off the temperature controls when your unit isn't in use.

But you can control more than the temperature inside. Temperature-controlled units sometimes referred to as climate-controlled units, also give you the ability to control humidity. This is essential for protecting electronics from too much moisture or protecting employees accessing the unit from overly dry conditions.

How It Works

Climate-controlled storage units are connected to a power source and can connect to the power access at your business.

They have a durable steel frame with an airtight design and insulation that keep controlled temperatures indoors so that your workspace or storage inside the container will be protected from outdoor conditions. This also prevents controlled indoor conditions from leaking to the outside--a costly waste of energy.

The combination of these features makes for a completely mobile, flexible, and multi-purpose unit. They'll be protected from the elements, as well as environmental conditions like mold and mildew.

Why Choose Temperature-Controlled Storage?

These storage units offer the most protective benefits to your goods, including electronics, furniture, art, paper documents, metal products, and so much more. Whether you need to expand your workspace into a cheap, mobile solution, or if you just need a secure and accessible place to store your goods and products, temperature control offers necessary levels of protection. Overall, they help ensure that your valuables aren't damaged or don't degrade.

Cassone Temperature-Controlled Container

If you want a solution that works for your business, visit Cassone today. They offer high-quality, temperature-controlled storage containers for sale in Long Island, NY. Best of all, their units come at amazing prices that are simply hard to beat. Their units come in a variety of sizes, materials, and features so that you can find exactly what you need to manage your storage or expansion needs.