Ideally, your mobile trailer office furnishings should be comfortable and ergonomic, while supporting a positive image of your company with visitors, customers and employees. Here we offer expert tips to help you plan and source the best mobile trailer office furniture for your needs.

What to Consider When Selecting Mobile Trailer Office Furniture

Think about and make note of the following information to make a wise decision about mobile office furnishings:

Space Planning:



  • How many employees will be housed in the mobile office?
  • What are the average and maximum number of customers or visitors to be accommodated at the same time?

Style or Interior Design Considerations:



  • Is your business customer-facing? Do you need stylish, polished furniture designed to host high-level sales meetings or sell to the public?
  • Is your business internal? Would a basic, functional work area be sufficient? This may be the case if your mobile trailer office is a team meeting location, where work is done in an area outside the trailer. A basic layout may also work well as a supervisory office for a single project, with most interaction between company employees.
  • Must your furniture hold up in adverse conditions? If you're on a dusty construction site with heavy equipment working around you, you may want to consider construction grade mobile office trailer furniture. This furniture is made of stronger, heavy duty materials.

Timing Concerns:



  • How long will you be using your office trailer? If it’s for the short term, you might consider leasing your office trailer furniture. For longer term needs, you might consider buying office furniture to be more cost effective, if you have a place to store it and/or can repurpose the furniture for future modular or permanent office space.
  • How much time will employees be spending in the mobile trailer office? If most daily work for your business will take place in your office trailer, investing in more comfortable, well-built furnishings may be crucial for employee productivity. If short presentations will be hosted in your trailer, folding chairs and portable tables may be sufficient. (Stackable chairs and portable office furniture can also be useful, if you often need to reconfigure the mobile office trailer for different uses.) 

Special Purpose Furniture:



  • What specific activities will take place in your trailer office? Make a list of needs like computer stations, filing cabinets, standing desks, break room appliances (refrigerator, microwaves, coffee makers) and more.