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While conventional construction methods are popular, modular construction is becoming an increasingly smart choice. When constructing a building, many businesses would rather go with modular buildings which are cheaper and more convenient overall. Here are a few more reasons why you might consider modular construction over conventional construction. Read on to figure out which might be better for your next project.


One of the biggest selling points of modular construction is that modular buildings are usually cheaper than buildings that use traditional construction. This is because the pieces are all made in large quantities without customization, so the manufacturers can make them quickly and cheaply, and then get them out to consumers at an affordable price.

If you’re on an especially tight budget, remember that there are even more ways of meeting your needs for a low price. For instance, you could rent or lease a modular building. Alternately, if you want to own the office, you can look at used modular buildings. As long as you find a reputable company that keeps its stock in good condition, a used building can work just as well as a new one at a fraction of the cost.


As previously mentioned, manufacturers can craft a lot of portable modular buildings in a short amount of time. They have the construction and assembly down to a science, and they know exactly how everything is supposed to fit together. When you’re creating a new design from scratch, there’s a lot more thought and measurement that goes into it. Besides that, when you’re ready to order your new office, there’s a good chance that the manufacturer already has the model that you want in stock. Since the prefabrication happens off site, you might not have to wait for anything more than the delivery.

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Job sites are usually pressed for space, especially in the city. Getting a modular office building can solve some of your logistical difficulties for you. If you go this route, you don’t have to have extra people and equipment going in and out or hauling along a lot of bulky materials. Instead, you can have the whole thing delivered at once, and it generally comes in one piece or at least a small number of pieces. That way you don’t have to have too much clutter and mess at the construction site.


You can use modular buildings in NYC for a variety of purposes, and your modular building can grow with your needs. Since modular buildings use a lot of standard-sized parts, you can easily plan different types of upgrades or swap out or expand sections of the building. You can even set up multiple modular buildings near each other, or even attach them to each other when you need more space. If you want to buy or rent a modular building, contact Cassone, today to get more information on available models!