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A temporary office trailer can be used as a ticket stand or concession stand at an event or a festival. It can temporarily house students while facilities are being renovated. It can serve as a command center in an area following a disaster, such as a hurricane.

Office trailers are also great for a construction site or other places where you need a temporary workspace. They're easy to put up and much less expensive than other alternatives, like building a structure. Office trailers give architects, managers, and others a place to discuss pressing issues, like weather conditions, prioritizing work, and safety concerns. It can serve as storage and it provides a place to keep paperwork organized. An office trailer can even be used as a place for toilet facilities, showers, and lockers. Office trailers can be rented for the duration of the construction project.

You can find temporary office trailers in NYC to meet your short-term needs. Before installing a trailer, you must determine whether or not you need an anchor. You may need anchors to secure the trailer, or a state law or local ordinance may require the use of an anchor. Read on to learn more!


You may require anchors to give your office trailer stability. You should ask certain questions when determining if you require anchors:

  • Does the area experience high winds? If you're placing a temporary office trailer in a coastal area with strong winds, you'll need to anchor your trailer.
  • Does the city or state you're in require anchors? Some states or cities, such as those in coastal areas, require anchors.
  • How large is the office trailer? The larger the trailer, the more likely you'll need anchors.
  • What is the weight of the office trailer? If the office trailer is heavy and rests on the ground, you probably won't need anchors.
  • What is the height-to-width ratio of the office trailer? The building may not be topple-resistant and need anchors.
  • How high off the ground is the office trailer? Anchors may be necessary for trailers that sit 3 or 4 feet off the ground.
  • How do you intend to use the office trailer? If you intend to use the office trailer for commercial use, you'll probably need to go through a permit process, which may require the use of anchors. Check with local authorities to determine if codes or other requirements mandate the use of anchors.

Office Trailer nyc Cassone


Whether on a seashore or in an open area, office trailers are susceptible to high winds. A hurricane could strike a coastal region, or a tornado could strike a landlocked community. A small investment in anchors could save a life or keep the contents of the trailer from being destroyed in a bad storm.

If you need to rent an office trailer for an event or for your business, request a quote or call Cassone (800) 947-1334.