Why You Need a Mobile Office Trailer

If you’re in the construction business, you may think you only have two choices when it comes to an on-site office space: either save time and money by not having one at all, or build an office space first, losing valuable time on the construction project.

Although working without an office space is possible, it’s an inconvenience to anyone who comes out to the site to conduct business. However, the last thing you should worry about is constructing an office space that you may not even need when the project is over.

There is a third option: rent a mobile office trailer. This helps you focus on the project at hand, and when you’re done, the rental company moves the trailer to its next client.

The Benefits of Renting Mobile Office Trailers

In addition to being able to focus on your project instead of where and how you can meet while on-site, mobile office trailers offer amenities that you would not immediately have if you’re working on undeveloped land.

If digging to find water or sewer lines was one of the reasons you were discouraged from constructing a temporary office space, consider Cassone’s trailers, some of which offer a self-contained water source. With this type of trailer, you now have access to an actual bathroom and kitchen.

Conducting business as you scream over construction equipment with dirt swirling around your face is no longer an issue when you have a trailer. Renting a mobile office brings dignity to the work place.

Make Your Mobile Office Energy-Efficient

By renting from Cassone, you’re saving building materials and time, but did you know you can be energy-efficient, as well? Visit www.cassone.com for a list of great ideas on how to make your trailer energy friendly, including using low-watt bulbs, low-flow fixtures and adding a coat of solar-reflective paint, all of which will keep your power bill down.

When the project is done, you can rest assured that you’ve done your best to accommodate the people who visit your site to transact business, and you’ve saved your company time and money. One simple phone call is all you need to have your rental trailer picked up and possibly delivered to your next construction site.