Perhaps you are choosing to go green in your office for personal reasons or you want to score a tax break. In order to make office trailers more environmentally friendly, you will need to evaluate certain areas of the units. The air you breathe, the furniture you are using and the amount of energy you are using are areas where you can make eco-friendly alterations. Here are some budget friendly solutions that will help you create a greener mobile office.

Air Quality

By adding an air purifying system to your unit you can reduce the amount of airborne toxins floating through the space. Air purifying systems will reduce the amount of airborne mold, dust, and cancer causing pollutants in office trailers. However, these systems can be costly. A more budget friendly solution is to purchase air purifying plants to clear the air. The snake plant and English ivy are two of the most powerful air purifying plants on the market. Additionally, they are quite hardy and easy to care for even if you don't have the greenest of thumbs.

Second-hand Furniture

When decorating office trailers with office furniture while on a budget, it can be easy to purchase cheap furniture. Unfortunately this kind of furniture, such as that made with composite materials, are easily broken. Therefore, you are forced to replace this furniture over time. Where do the broken desks, tables, bookshelves and chairs go after they are damaged? Into the landfill, which is a negative for anyone choosing to be more eco-friendly in their office space. Look for second-hand furniture made from hard woods or other sturdy materials, which will last longer. Not only are you saving money, but you are also reducing the amount of waste that goes into the trash. Keep in mind that some older pieces of furniture that are sold as second-hand may be painted or sealed with toxic chemicals. Ask about the history of the piece, if applicable, and consider having the repurposed furniture sanded and sealed or painted with eco-friendly paints.